Scientific Name: Persea Americana Hass.

Dark green fruit with bumpy skin and wights from 150 – 450 gr.

Nutrition facts: Carbs 12 gr; Fat 21 gr; Protein 3 gr; Calories 234.


Hass cultivar is the most commercialized type of avocados in the world. This avocado comes from Elver’s farm, located in Fresno, Tolima in Colombia. This region is characterized by its warm weather throughout the year. Tolima is located at the central-western part of Colombia. This town is located in an altitude of 1.380 to 1.812 m s. n. m. and it has 55.280 inhabitants.


Elver was born in Fresno in 1973 and has worked with different production associations that harvest different type of products such as papaya, lime, orange, watermelon and avocado. Lastly, he has worked in the hass avocado industry for more than 6 years, has created an association that supplies different regions of Colombia and its working on exports certifications for the avocado farms. He is working with Quo Agro Justo to find support and solutions to obtain Fair Trade certification.



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