Passion Fruit

Scientific Name: Passiflora Edulis (Purple).

Purple oval fruit with hard shell and juicy seeds in the interior, weights from 50 – 120 gr.
Nutrition Facts: Carbs 22 gr; Fat 0.7 gr; Protein 2.2 gr; Calories 97 gr.

Its name is given by the name of its flower Passiflora which was related to the crucifixion of Christ – Passion of Jesus.


This passion fruit comes from Hader’s farm in Sáchica, Boyaca in Colombia. This region is characterized by its temperature variations as in the night it can go as low as 1 – 5 C, and in the day it can go up to 27 C. This town is located at the central-northern part of the country, it has an average altitude of 2.150 m s. n. m. and 3.800 inhabitants.


Hader was born in Sachica in 1969 and he was raised in the agriculture business as his family has worked in the onion and tomato business for more than 60 years. He also had worked with the government leading initiatives to improve agriculture in the region and capabilities to gain more access to the market in cities. This is why has explored producing new type of products such as purple passion fruit. He has been working with Quo Agro Justo selling different type of products under fair trade and he has increased his income by 12%.



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