Scientific name: Mangifera indica.

Green yellow and reddish oval fruit with diverse varieties and thin skin, weights from 400 – 2.000 gr.

Nutrition facts: Carbs 14.98 gr; Fat 0.38 gr; Protein 0.82 gr; Sugar 13.66 gr; Calories 58.

There are more than 1.000 species of mango in the world and India has more than 500 of them and it is cultivated near equatorial regions.


This mango was harvested from Fredy’s farm located in La Mesa, Cundinamarca in Colombia. This region is known because of its warm weather and proximity to Bogota, only 54 Km. This town is located at the centre of Colombia with an average altitude of 1.200 m s. n. m. and a population of 31.350 inhabitants. It is a popular place for tourism and fruits commerce for Bogota.


Fredy was born in Mesitas del Colegio, a smaller town near La Mesa. Then he studied in Bogota and worked in the city for several years until he decided to go back to his origins and find a more sustainable way of living by working the land. He has developed a sustainable and organic mango farm and also has produced different processes products from the fruit like dried mango chips and jam. Fredy has shared his knowledge with Quo Agro Justo and we have been able to commercialize his product under fair trade and also share his experience with customers and other farmers as an example of sustainable production.



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