Golden Berry

Scientific name: Physalis Peruviana

Orange-yellowish rounded fruit with the size of a medium marble and dense savoury flesh; weights around 5 – 10 gr.

Nutrition facts: Carbs 11.2 gr; Fat 0.7 gr; Protein 1.9 gr; Calories 53.

Is an exotic fruit that comes from Peru but Its principal producer in the world is Colombia.


These golden berries come from Alvaro’s farm in Puente de Piedra, Cundinamarca in Colombia. This region has a lot of productive lands because of its closeness to the capital city Bogota. This town is located in the denominated region “Sabana de Bogotá” at the centre of the country, it has an average altitude of 2.685 m s. n. m. and a population of 17.250 inhabitants. There is a lot of lettuce, carrot, potato, onion and milk production.


Alvaro was born in Bogotá and decided to dedicate his life to agriculture 18 years ago when he started working with some partners in hydroponic lettuce production. He has developed a very precise experience and has grown different type of products under this technology like spinach, strawberries, tomato and also golden berries. Since 2018 Quo Agro Justo and Alvaro have worked together developing new products according to our customer needs and we have proven an increase of 21 % of Alvaro’s income.



Recipe Idea

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